Stephen and I started off the day nice and early getting to the studio around 9:30. My former workmate Nick O was already at the studio with all the requested microphones on stands and Stephen's patches all laid out. I quickly set to making sure the session stayed focused and on point...


Nick C arrived shortly after 10am with his drum kit and we started the process of setting up the kit, tuning the drums, choosing which cymbals and snare we wanted to use for our first song, and placing the microphones (sorry for the potato quality..)


We followed up with listening to the drums in the control room while Stephen dialed in the sounds with a nice array of house gear Loud Mouse has available. Some noteworthy items were definitely the API 7600's, the Custome British Sidecar and the Slate Dragon Compressor. Nick played for at least a solid hour while Stephen carefully crafted the sounds. 

With the sounds dialed in we were ready to start tracking drums around 2pm. Nick was totally focused and on point and really nailed his parts on the first song. We listened back, made some edits and talked about how we wanted the last part of the song to play out. We ended up driving the energy up alot just through the drum arrangement and it all came together really nicely. 

With the drums in the bag we moved onto bass. I'll be making a post soon with more photos and video of that process - but sufficed to say that we ran the bass through an LA610 direct and tracked in the control room. Mike was also totally on point and delivered his bass parts within a few takes. 

At this point we were around the 8 hour mark and we shifted our attention to guitar for the last couple hours of the session. The song demanded some chorus effect provided by my trusty Boss DD7 Delay on the Modulation setting. We also had some delay courtesy of my DD6 Delay as well as some overdrive and octave for the end of the song which were crafted with a Danelectro Cool Cat Overdrive and a MicroPog respectively. Once we had layered the guitars a couple times we had finished all our tracking for the day - and we only ran over our 10hr timeline by 10 minutes!

Tomorrow we're going to hit the studio for 10am and work another 10 hour day. With all the setup taken care of and everyone acclimated to the studio I'm very confident we'll finish the other two songs for the first of the three 3-song EP's tomorrow. Stay tuned - plenty more content to come!!!

- Marcus