Last week we opened up for The Dead Projectionists at The Silver Dollar. Our relationship with the Silver Dollar and it's booker Dan Burke goes way back to the beginning - and even a little before then I suppose. I've played this venue with every band I've been in since moving to Toronto. Random Family played here, Britta B and the Banter, and of course BamBoo. 

Our first show as BamBoo was at The Silver Dollar opening for our friends in Fever City on December 20th of 2013. We've played there countless times since and Dan Burke has always been a supportive and fair host for us. I've literally seen him dig deeper into his pockets to pay us more when we brought out a stellar crowd one night. It was really important to Dan that we get a gig with The Dead Projectionists. So much so, that he had four different dates and plans of attack to make it happen. 

The show was really well attended (especially for a Thursday night) and we played plenty of new material. The venue has undergone some changes - they got a digital console (X32), a couple different bartenders and a fancy faux glass backdrop behind and above the stage. They're still working out some kinks, and the house drum kit is still a P.O.S., but for any shortcomings the venue might have when it comes to sound it more than makes up for in atmosphere and memories. 

Our next show will be at The Horseshoe Tavern on January 7th when we release the first of our 3 EP's.