Stephen and I visited Loud Mouse Studios last week in Etobicoke. The plan is to tackle drums, guitar and bass over two 10-hour days in early November. 

A good friend of mine, Nick Obal, gave us a tour of the facility. Nick and I were hired at Long and McQuade at the same time last year. Since then he's moved on to other projects and has found himself working out of Loud Mouse. He's a standup guy and it'll be great to work alongside him again.

The studio itself is modest in size, but has lots of character. Plenty of nice toys to play with too. We checked out the live room where we intend to record the drums - a small room with high ceilings that is made 'livelier' by a stone wall on the West side of the room. It's got a nice tight sound, but still allows for the drums to breath. You can check out the website for Loud Mouse Studios here

We're having a rehearsal tonight to finalize our new arrangements so we can whip up ghost tracks for Nick to record his drums to when we get to the studio. We'll also be preparing for our upcoming show at The Silver Dollar opening for The Dead Projectionists

In the second week of November Mike, Nick and I will hunker down alongside Stephen and Nick to track the beds for the first 3-song EP. Things are moving along at a great pace at the rehearsal factory and I'm really excited to get this EP underway!

- Marcus